This email is all it takes to breach
your company
Pretends to be an email notification from a social network
Exploits curiosity
and greed
Trusted email address and signature
Link to a malware site
or infected file
Initial attack
to first victim
Такого письма достаточно, чтобы взломать вашу компанию
Your employee simply follows the link or opens the attached files.
Hackers take control over their computer.
Hackers breach your network, steal money, sensitive information
OR execute ransomware across your systems.
Antiphish trains your employees to withstand such attacks
and also detect any malicious websites, protect their mobile devices, create and use strong passwords
Checks Employees
You schedule and execute simulated phishing attacks to see how protected your employees are against social engineering

Get prepared in just 5 workdays
of untrained users open
phishing emails
Teaches Security 101
Your employees are provided access to our Antiphish eLearning Academy where they can take courses in security and pass tests, without even leaving the office
Just 30 min per user
Detects Software
Along with tracking employee behavior
Antiphish will let you know about client-side vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers. For example, outdated browsers, email clients, office applications
Performs Regular Evaluations
Hired employees will pass mandatory Security 101. All employees are scheduled as targets for regular phishing simulations
Our key customers and partners
Проверка для первой группы сотрудников
определим группу пользователей, согласуем шаблоны
и запланируем три учебные атаки
Менеджер свяжется с вами в течение рабочего дня
First employee group check
We will help you define a target group, agree on phishing templates, schedule and perform up to three simulated attacks.
Our manager will contact you in one business day